[SOLVED] Smooth transition from DDP to graphql subscription


I have planned to replace the DDP part of my Meteor App with graphql. I just love graphql and apollo.

My question is regarding the transition, I have still not found a way to have both a DDP connection and a graphql subscription server together.
It is either one or the other, which is a pitty for incremental refactoring.

Do you guys know a way to overcome this ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, we can use both together, what problem are you having?

Also we can use DDP as the protocol to exchange data in the GraphQL layer using this package https://github.com/Swydo/ddp-apollo

I also recommend you shift to ddp-apollo for transitioning, and then shift to subscriptions if you see it fit.

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Ok thanks for the feedback by looking at your docs I have seen :

Currently the problem is that your Meteor’s client still tries to connect to DDP, even if you disable websockets it tries to fallback to sockjs. You cannot have both DDP and GraphQL Websockets at the same time.

which is an answer to my question.

Will look into ddp-apollo deeply, read the sources, it is brilliant.