[Solved] Strange undefined import caused by caching?

Hi all,

got a really strange behavior while testing my sever side functions via mocha.

Got a file import from a specific js file, from which all imported values are undefined. If I rename the exporting file and import from there everything is fine.

Like so:


import { test } from "./mylib";
//...further imports
console.log(test); // undefined


import { test } from "./mylib2";
//...further imports
console.log(test); // hello


//...further imports
export const test = "hello";

mylib2.js (Just a copy with a different name)

//...further imports
export const test = "hello";

I already did a meteor reset, with no success. Any ideas? Maybe more caches do clear?

Sorry, for bothering, found the cause myself. Short answer for future reference: cyclic imports :grimacing: …again! :crazy_face: