[Solved]Stuck with collection

Hello everyone!

I study meteor with LevelUp Tuts from youtube and got some problems from start.
This is my code:


    {{#each resolutions}}
    {{> resolution}}

<template name="resolution">


import { Mongo } from 'meteor/mongo';
const Resolutions = new Mongo.Collection('resolutions');

Template.body.helpers ({
 resolutions() {
   console.log(Resolutions.find({}).count());  // returns 0
   return Resolutions.find({});

I inserted some data via meteor mongo console:

db.Resolutions.insert({title:"test",createdAt:new Date()})

and with low-case ‘resolution’

db.resolutions.insert({title:"test",createdAt:new Date()})

But at front-end I see no output data and no console errors also.
Meteor version 1.3

What is wrong with my code?
Can anyone help please?

Did you publish and subscribe to the collection? Use msavin:mongol to check if the collection is subscribed to on client.

No, I just follow the tutorial.
I’ll try msavin:mongol.


I have an idea!

I use cloud9 platform as IDE and hosting 2-in-1.

And I noticed this:

mongo server parameters:

MongoDB shell version: 2.6.7
connecting to:

The same time meteor itself run at

App running at:

Different IP and ports!
May be the problem because of that??

P.S. but I made “to-do” app from official meteor tutorial and it worked ok at the same environment…

Is that all your code?

As it stands, you are not sharing the collection between client and server, so it’s currently a client-only collection.

If you intend using the new import syntax, then I suggest you read the introductory Meteor tutorial. However, you could do the following, which should get you up and running (typos notwithstanding!):

Create an imports/api folder.

In imports/api/Resolutions.js

import { Mongo } from 'meteor/mongo';
export const Resolutions = new Mongo.Collection('resolutions');

and replace const Resolutions = new Mongo.Collection('resolutions'); in your client/main.js with import { Resolutions } from '/imports/api/Resolutions.js';.

In server/main.js

import { Resolutions } from '/imports/api/Resolutions.js';


import '/imports/api/Resolutions.js';

if you don’t need access to the Resolutions collection in server/main.js.

BTW, in the meteor mongo shell, you should use db.resolutions.

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@robfallows , it works!

Many thanks for your help!

The key point was to use import in server/main.js

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