[SOLVED] Suddenly, unable to deploy

When deploying to galaxy i get following error. Before that I’ve used eu-west-1.galaxy-deploy as domain but still same error.

Talking to Galaxy servers at https://eu-west-1.galaxy.meteor.com
Error deploying application: Internal error

I have deployed about 20 different apps, two of them are release verison over 300, but this is first time i get this error.

How to debug?

There was an issue with Galaxy that should be fixed by now.

Thanks, however it is not fixed yet :frowning: have to wait…

Same here. Still not fixed.

Deploy came through now.

Hi, sorry for the trouble.

Remember to always open a ticket at support@meteor.com :wink:

Yeah thanks :stuck_out_tongue: as i told your support guys, you could modify a bit deploy command’s error message with some notes like ‘please check status.meteor.com’ etc … :slight_smile: