[SOLVED] Testing - change meteor settings during runtime client side


We are trying to run several client-side testing scenarii based on meteor settings.
The tests test our different login methods (with 2FA, e-mail, SMS) and triggers functions server side (sending, checking the code).

What would be great is being able to change the meteor settings on the fly on both the client and the server. We are only able to change the settings on the client, but the server keeps the settings that were given to it at the start.

Is there anyway to do this ?

You need to use your own settings handling for this case or else you need to create a CI script that loads different meteor settings file for each case.

Thank you @rjdavid.

We figured that loading different meteor settings though CI could be a solution but what we are trying to avoid that to “hide” the complexity inside the tests instead.

As for the settings handling part, what do you mean ?

Thanks !

In our case, when the settings can be changed when meteor is running e.g. admin changeable settings, we created our custom settings handling saved in the database (different from the Meteor settings that do not normally change).

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Hmm, interesting, I didn’t thought of that.
Maybe we’ll go this route.

Thanks !