[Solved] Using Fibers on Windows with Meteor 1.3 without MSVC

Till now I used Future/fibers on the server side of the application without any issue via meteorhacks:npm

Future = require('fibers/future')
const read = new Future ()
const file_stream = ...
file_stream.on('data', info => ..)
file_stream.on ('end', () => { read['return'] })

It just worked ! When I migrated to 1.3, Meteor suggested to install fibers

meteor npm install --save fibers

But when I do so, it hits the node-gyp-dependency-toolchain nightmare that people that try to deploy on Windows face.

Is there anyway I can avoid that ? Why did it work with meteorhacks:npm without all that mess ?

Apparently ignoring the problem and the error message all together works !

The solution was to rewrite everything using Promises, await and async. They don’t require any explicit NPM dependency.