[solved] [Violation] 'message' handler took <N>ms

I have this strange message in chrome Console

I cannot find the source in my code that could generate this.

It seems similar to this : "Violation Long running JavaScript task took xx ms" Chrome warnings

Thanks if you have any advice on how to optimize this

I have had this issue when using react and had a infinite looping condition in the render function so to fix it I had to check if the value was set yet so that it only ran once. Hope this helps. Share some code and I can help more…

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In react, this is supposed to be solved in React 18

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Thanks for your feedback.
I was rendering a lot of data and this was slow.
I used intersection observer to limit the data and the message disappeared.
Thanks for your messages. This helped me.

Nice man, Intersectional observers are the way, works a treat don’t it. Gotta love react for that