[SOLVED] Weird Flow-Router on IE 10 and 11 behavior

Apparently, for IE 10 and 11, e.preventDefault(), and e.stopImmediatePropagation() are necessary, where they are not in every other browser.

First, let me just say up front that I am only supporting these crap browsers because they represent a large income stream base for my client.

So here is what’s happening:

FlowRouter.route(’/admin-dashboard/assign-courses/:_id’, {
name: ‘assign-courses’,
action: () =>
BlazeLayout.render( ‘dashboardLayout’, {main: “assignCourses”})

FlowRouter.go( ‘assign-courses’, { _id: Meteor.userId() } );

FlowRouter.go( ‘/admin-dashboard/assign-courses/’ + Meteor.userId() );

In both cases, the route works fine in any decent, standards following, plays-well-with-others browser. Even on IE Edge.

On IE 10 and 11, it takes the browser to the HOME route ( i.e. ‘/’ ). BUT, hitting the back button then navigates to the page of the route I’m trying to go() to. I tried adding in flow-routers support for IE 9 ( history ), and also adding a universal polyfill from cdn. Doesn’t matter. Same behavior.

Has anyone else encountered this? Found a work-around or solution?