[Solved] What is the simplest, most beginner friendly way to integrate webRTC into Meteor?


What is the simplest, most beginner friendly way to integrate webRTC into Meteor? My criteria are:

  • audio only; video not necessary
  • recording is absolutely necessary – and high quality is preferable, but willing to mix and match packages to get it
  • mobile browser (esp Safari) highly desirable, but willing to compromise
  • Cheap / free is a nice to have, but honestly would pay a little for something that is easy to use and well documented

I’m trying to use Twilio at the moment, but running into problems (if anyone could help with my Stackoverflow post here, I’d be incredibly grateful).

I’ve also seen people recommend Jitsi (e.g. in this thread) but it’s not clear to me where to begin with it. If you also recommend Jitsi, I’d be very grateful for a bit of a step-by-step on what exactly I should be downloading (e.g. there’s at least half a dozen different Jitsi packages on npm), and where I should look for documentation.

I’ve also seen plenty of other older webRTC packages floating around, but documentation looks pretty scarce, and it’s not clear to me how robust / well maintained they are.

Very grateful for any support – have been stuck on this question for a while now.



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I’m using Agora.io and have had good experience with their API and support.


Thanks so much for the help - really appreciate you taking the time to make a suggestion. I’ll check them out!

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Just looping back in to say thanks again. I was able to get the quick start working fairly easily. You’ve saved me a bunch of time and effort with this recommendation, and I’m really grateful. All the best, Mark.


You’re very welcome, Mark. I tried a couple others before finding Agora and seemed to have the best experience with them


Take a look at Janus and mediasoup