[solved] Where to find source code of raix:ui-dropped-event

I am still in the process of migrating towards 3.0

When I do :

meteor update --release 3.0-beta.6

I receive this error :

=> Errors while initializing project:         
While selecting package versions:
error: Conflict: Constraint blaze@2.3.2 is not satisfied by blaze 3.0.0-alpha300.17.
Constraints on package "blaze":
* blaze@3.0.0-alpha300.17 <- accounts-base 3.0.0-beta300.6
* blaze@2.3.2 <- ui 1.0.13 <- raix:ui-dropped-event 0.0.7 <- rationalk:core 0.0.0

I would like to analyse the package raix:ui-dropped-event as it seems to block blaze on an old version.

How to find the code source to copy it to my packages folder ? Thanks a lot.


Perhaps here:

I was able to copy the code and remove the versionFrom so that it is not blocking the upgrade to 3.0 anymore

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