[Solved] Which JSON does DDPCommon.parseDDP use?

The following question is completely due to my misunderstanding.
omega:custom-protocol sets 16bit header in ddp message and the header cause “Discarding message with invalid JSON” error when a server receives messages as a client of other server.

I am using json protocol in omega:custom-protocol.
And I frequently get errors “Discarding message with invalid JSON” in parseDDP though its arguments are quite normal.

In order to debugging it, first I replaced DDPCommon.parseDDP with the same code as meteor core in a startup of my application.

import { DDPCommon } from 'meteor/ddp-common';
DDPCommon.parseDDP = function (stringMessage) {
  try {
    var msg = JSON.parse(stringMessage);
  } catch (e) {
    Meteor._debug("Discarding message with invalid JSON", stringMessage);
    return null;
  // DDP messages must be objects.
  if (msg === null || typeof msg !== 'object') {
    Meteor._debug("Discarding non-object DDP message", stringMessage);
    return null;

  // massage msg to get it into "abstract ddp" rather than "wire ddp" format.

  // switch between "cleared" rep of unsetting fields and "undefined"
  // rep of same
  if (_.has(msg, 'cleared')) {
    if (!_.has(msg, 'fields'))
      msg.fields = {};
    _.each(msg.cleared, function (clearKey) {
      msg.fields[clearKey] = undefined;
    delete msg.cleared;

  _.each(['fields', 'params', 'result'], function (field) {
    if (_.has(msg, field))
      msg[field] = EJSON._adjustTypesFromJSONValue(msg[field]);

  return msg;

Then the errors disappeared.
I suspect that JSON in the function refers to different one between meteor-core and the app in that JSON refers to the global variable in Node.js.

What is the JSON in DDPCommon.parseDDP? and how can I fix my problem?

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I get the same error message here and I did not understand how you solved it.

omega:custom-protocol sets 16bit header in ddp message

And what did you change ?