[SOLVED]Which method is best for CMS?

I have a Music app . trying to create a CMS for it .wondering if the app connects to CMS , or CMS connects to App . or they both use the same database

Meteor is a full-stack framework for creating web apps, so you can build a CMS with it certainly.
If you really just need a CMS I’d consider Contentful with some static site generator hosted on Netlify. We are taking this approach a lot lately.

You did’nt get the question

I’d suggest putting some more effort into your question, both the semantics and syntax. Starting with the latter, perhaps.


There was no question.

Does the Music app need to read or write data to the CMS database? Does the CMS need data from the music app? Is the Music app a Meteor app? Is the CMS database Mongo? MySQL? We can’t read your mind.

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YOu are asking my question))

Does the Music app need to read or write data to the CMS database? Does the CMS need data from the music app? Is the Music app a Meteor app?
Yes its a meteor app. Am asking which method is better

Are the music app and the CMS separate app instances? Or are they both different views of the same app instance?

Does the data that the CMS uses have anything to do with the data that the music app uses?

If so, where are these data overlaps? If it’s a lot, maybe they should share the same database. If there’s barely any overlap, maybe it would still make sense to share the same database when it’s structured properly. Or maybe they would be better off kept in separate databases and speak to each other through an API.

But at the end of the day it’s your app and your CMS. What functionality are you trying to achieve? We can help point you to information but you’ve got to make the decisions.

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Is it just me or is there heaps more trolls these days - a 1 line question, and the assumption is someone else does the work for them.

Though come to think of it, the more trolls these days bit, is probably just a reflection of the Internet in general. Bugger.


Yeah I’ve definitely noticed a lot of questions like this that make no effort what so ever to describe their problem and get cranky when someone asks for clarification or fails to answer something that wasn’t in the original question…

there was no problem. there was a question. and you all keep tension up instead of actually read the question.

simple answer: it is better to have app connecting to “server”, otherwise you are wasting some data because server will constantly ping/check for connection with app and it is not something you want on bigger scale

What can’t just understand ) am asking if the if the should be different apps or not . larry is the G he quite understood. the rest of you are just confused

If you don’t know the answer. you can walk away

No problem. As I said, there really is no one absolute answer, all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish and what your priorities are. If you need more individualized help, I do offer my expertise as a consultant.