[SOLVED] Why does the code inside this else run twice?



'change .procesorFilter':function(event){
    if ( $('select.procesorFilter').val() === '' ){


[SOLVED] : I had two elements with the same class ,because of the CSS framework , and the values of two element was changing THANKS TO ALL FOR YOUR HELP

Why does the ‘transition.shrinkIn’ animation run twice ?
I change the select value and I see the animation twice.
But the code inside the ‘if’ just run once.


What do you get if you add console.log("Animation run") inside the if?


I get two ‘Animation run’. So that animation also run twice.
Then , why I dont see the animation twice in this case ?


you started with seeing animation 2x, now after adding console log you dont see it 2x?
somehow you are saing every time something else…


I see the console log message twice in the ‘if’ and the ‘else’.
But I only see the animation twice in the ‘else’.


It makes sense that you’d only see the shrinkOut once because the element’s opacity is already at 0% (hidden) the second time the code is run.
Do you have multiple instances of the template rendered?

You can check with

Template.procesorFilterConfigurator.onRendered(function () {


But it would be the same with the shrinkIn.
I select a processor , then I select other processor but I see the shrinkIn effect again.
I havent multiple instance of the template rendered.


just run console.log(“true is running”) or “false is running” depending on branch

check behaviour and than debug animation itself how it is defined.
but console logging 1st.