[SOLVED] Will spacebars merge with a commented out template?

Will Spacebars merge variables into commented out section? Or will it ignore it?

<!--<script type="application/json+trustpilot">
  "recipientName": "{{ customerFullName }}",
  "recipientEmail": "{{ customerEmail }}",
  "referenceId": "{{ shippingOrder._id }}"
<p>Hola {{ customer.profile.firstName }},</p>

Not sure, I assume it will.

Should be very easy to test however?

ah I found it

Comment tags also come in a “block comment” form. Block comments may contain {{ and }}:

{{!-- This is a block comment.
We can write {{foo}} and it doesn't matter.
{{#with x}}This code is commented out.{{/with}}

actually that doesn’t work. the comments are removed during compilation.

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just built the whole string from a function and returned it within triple braces…