Solving dependency hell problem with or without Isobuild

Okay, I have nice tutorial from George McKnight and its source code from Github.

The problem is that when I am trying to compile it, it shows error:

While checking for npm-bcrypt@0.7.8_1
error: no compatible build found

When I try to add latest npm-bcrypt manually, it shows:
error: conflict: constraints on npm-bcrypt cannot be satisfied:
Constraints come from:


And when trying to upgrade accounts-password manually, I get error:
constraints on accounts-password cannot be satisfied
Constraints come from:

accounts-ui@1.1.5 -> accounts-ui-unstyled@1.1.7

At this point I have decided to stop and ask help from you. So what is the best way to solve this ‘dependency hell’ problem both in this case and regularly.

And why isobuild is not capable of solving it or proposing some solution paths?

P.S. I am at Meteor 1.2.1 now.

UPDATE: The project was really at Meteor 1.0.5 so upgrading it to meteor 1.2.1 solved everything. I guess Isobuild was improved from 1.0.5 to 1.2.1