Some accounts packages still not properly updated for 2.3+?

I had attempted to update awhile back and due to so many dependency issues I’d waited. I’m surprised that so much time has passed and even to this day when I attempt to update to Meteor 2.3.1, common account packages such as useraccounts:flow-routing and useraccounts:materialize still have not been updated.

More confusing is that the github for useraccounts:flow-routing is compatible with Meteor 2.4. But this doesn’t seem to be the case as shown in the screenshot it’s not even possible to add it:

Having some pretty major problems suddenly and as I work for a solution, it seems each step of the way is having a roadblock. It’s making it difficult to resolve the issues in a timely manner.

Check the version that you are using

useraccounts:* are not official packages and the author has discontinued their support for a while. For the most part you can copy them locally like and to the change @rjdavid has pointed out.
I have a PR for these packages with the fix hanging there, so you can copy that over: