Some Exciting Meteor News

Thank you, MDG, for everything you’ve done, and for finding a great new home for Meteor!


Here’s a part of the announcement I found particularly exciting:

Tiny was started by the founders of MetaLab, the design agency famous for creating the interfaces of some of the world’s top products, from Slack to Uber Eats. Their mission is to acquire, and then scale, “wonderful internet businesses”, especially businesses at the intersection of community and design. And their model works. If you’ve witnessed the growth of Dribbble in recent years, you’ve seen Tiny’s handiwork.



So, is anyone from the original team joining Tiny?

Also, is Tiny searching then for a new team for Meteor? Where should one send resumes then?


That’s good, I’m beginning with Meteor and it’s really incredible. :smile:


We’ve wondered, welcome back!


Good point, I definitely want to apply :smiley:

Excited to see what the new staff brings to the Meteor’s development!


Echo’ing Ben here. We think this structural change to the way the organization operates will do a lot of good. And we plan to work very closely with @benjamn and the former team going forward.


I was wondering the same thing. :smiley: (I’d even work on contract - building a service-worker for example, heh)


Exiting. Meteor really deserves this rejuvenation. There is nothing out there like it, and it’s been way “under-marketed”. I hope this decision will also re-spark development on the mobile side of the platform.


Awesome stuff! Very excited to see some changes on the bussiness level!


Thanks, MDG, for creating such a wonderful piece of framework, and making this action for the benefit of everyone.

Thanks, Tiny, for carrying the torch. We are excited (if not yet obvious in this thread :slight_smile: ) to work with you to further improve Meteor.

Thanks, @benjamn, for the fantastic work. It’s sad to know that you will not be the lead developer of meteor moving forward. But great to read your response and your plans for still being involved.

Thanks to the meteor community for keeping this project alive and one of the best in the world. Exciting news for everyone


This is indeed big news! Just at a time when I feel a lot of us were wondering what the future holds for Meteor. Let’s hope it leads to a much needed rejuvenation to the platform.


I just introduced myself to Tiny, and it’s great to see some (more) Canadian involvement with Meteor, I’m excited, now just come over to Toronto!


Very exciting news!
The new team have some big shoes to fill, but I can’t help but be optimistic about a renewed focus on Meteor :smiley:


I must be honest. When I received the email, my heart skipped a bit or two, with excitement and worry at the same time.

Then I went and read several of Andrew Wilkinson’s Medium posts and am now mostly excited.

Also, it’s heartwarming to see some of the big names from MDG and the community posting here, some for the first time in a long time.

A huge thank you to everyone at MDG and congratulations & good luck to Tiny!


Meteor + Tiny = Meteorite ? :slightly_smiling_face:


I think there was already something name that way in the ecosystem. :thinking:

This was long time coming. Happy to see it’s going to a company that cares about their products and not some random investment company.

I do hope Ben can find the time to keep contributing, because his work has been absolutely stunning. I learned so much just by reading his extensive commit messages alone.


This is really great news!

Like many others I have Meteor apps in production since about 2016 (all those people saying Meteor is not good for production apps, it’s simply not true), but at the same time since then moved on to other stacks for other projects. After 2016 Meteor somewhat started lacking behind, lots of great people left the Meteor community and while their packages are available they’re mostly abandoned in terms of development.

Same counts for the MDG’s Meteor repo, website, docs, blog and even Galaxy. The progress there is really worrisome, some stuff hasn’t been updated since 2017 (!), while progress on Apollo was sky-rocket. If even MDG was hardly paying attention to Meteor, then for sure it’s time for all of us to move on.

So this news is very positive. It’s great to see that MDG feels the same way and decided to turn things around for Meteor. With Tiny it will hopefully get the attention it deserves. Imo it could still become the Rails of Javascript (for inspiration, check and Galaxy could be Heroku or Laravel’s Envoyer.

So I really hope Tiny will be able to move things around. I think it will be a challenge, at least based on what I hear around me, Meteor doesn’t have a very good name anymore…