Some /private subfolders are missing in the bundle


There is a problem with some of files I have inside /private folder in my Meteor project. Even if I am able to access all of them during development, some of them are missing in the release bundle. It’s a common web app, not Cordova or anything fancy.

This is how /private folder structure looks like:


The problem is only with comments-added.html and comments-changed.html files. Even if I rename all files, only these 2 will be missing in resulting bundle. I’ve checked files content and permissions and haven’t noticed any special about them.

These are E-mail templates for lookback:emails package which is using undocumented feature to access app’s private resources from the package. It works for every template except for these 2, obviously due to missing files in release bundle.

Doing development and building on Mac OS. Meteor version is 1.2.1 and I’m not willing to update yet.

I’m not sure where to even start looking at in order to investigate the issue. Does Meteor builder have any rules for /private content? Any ideas?


Do the files get included when you run meteor build with --debug ?


Just tried that, those 2 files are still missing. No errors during building.

Just in case, I’m checking files in programs/server/assets/app/emails/admin/ hope that’s correct.


Maybe it’s this one:

Are some files the same?

Edit: And do you use the official assets api to receive them?


That’s what I was looking for!

The problem was I had several files in /private with exact same content and the duplication wasn’t included in the resulting bundle.
Apparently that works fine if I you Assets.getText('filename') but I’m using lookback:email which relies on filenames inside /private so it hadn’t been able to find files.

I’ve just made each file content unique and now they are all there in the bundle. Thanks a lot for your help!


Good to hear. It might be useful if you add a pull request or at least an issue to so this issue gets reported. There was maintenance on it yesterday so it seems likely that they would maybe like your input!