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So I see this SimpleSchema package everywhere . Must I use it?

nope, but it’s used a lot because it’s really easy and helps make sure you’re adhering to a specific schema when inserting/updating a collection in mongo. it can also be used for validating things like arguments in Meteor methods via the validated-method package

And it works well with the autoform package by the same author

You should try Astronomy :wink: by @jagi

If this package were around when I created SimpleSchema, I would have used it instead of creating SimpleSchema.

  • Eric Dobbertin, author of SimpleSchema

This is actually a misquote

Here’s the link to the misquote :wink:

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Huh, I could have sworn I read a post by Eric saying he didn’t actually say that :blush:

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Thanks @martineboh :slight_smile:
@engrpeters as the author of Astronomy I will give you a little bit more details about differences between Astronomy and SimpleSchema.

First of all, Astronomy is more like the Model layer in MVC, so if you used MVC previously then you would feel familiar.

SimpleSchema is designed to validate your data, so it does not create any instances of classes or anything like that. It has some pros and cons. Thanks to that SimpleSchema is probably (I’ve never checked that it’s just a blind assumption) a little bit faster in validating data however in Astronomy you can forget about making the regular insert and update queries because Astronomy is taking care of detecting changes to your data.

Astronomy has a lot more features that are worth checking out. You can read about them in docs here