Some starter questions (Forms & Data, Hosting)



I’m planning to my first real world meteor application and after some restart training with Discover meteor and some other lecture i think i’m good to start although there’s still a big learning curve ahead.

Rough outline of the application: People need to register (using accounts-email and user-accounts for ui convenience) and should enter their address after first login together with some additional details.

This is the first part of the application that i’m aiming to finish and release quickly.

I wonder if it’s a good idea and still valid to use auto forms, schema and collection2 to for that or does it add additional/unneeded complexity? I will have to collect more data later so i thought it would be good to go a solid way.

Also i wonder what the easiest hosting solution is for a small app? This won’t have significant traffic as it is only for a group of 200-300 people that will deal with their data there. I’m just aiming for as-simple-as-possible deploy and my own domain (subdomain in this case).

Thanks for helping.



I personally didn’t use auto-forms for my register/login stuff. I just made my own form and used the Accounts.onCreateUser function to create the accounts. Gives you some more freedom with how your register/login pages look too!

As for hosting, it depends more on the amount of concurrent users you expect to be using your app. If we assume 10 - 15% of those 300 people at any one time, that’s 30 - 45 concurrent users. In that case, a small digitalocean server would be fine. At least I think so, I’ve not got around to deploying my own server yet! What I do know is that it’s the concurrency that uses up server resources, so it’d be good for you to have an idea of what sort of numbers you expect and go from there.

It’s also worth noting that a DO server can be resized easily, so if you launch your app and find it runs slow, just stop > resize > restart your server.


@korus90 thanks for replying and sorry if i didn’t state that correct: I’m not going to use auto forms for registration/login - that’s where user-accounts comes in. Auto forms was what i thought to use for additional data (everything but registration).

Regarding hosting: I was more thinking about heroku, modulus or something as easy as those.


@Helmi Oh right! Sorry for the confusion.

Yes, autoform is great for form creation. I don’t use it myself (I prefer to keep my app as lean as possible) but I have used it in the past and it’s very good. No reason why not!

I’ve never bothered with Heroku or Modulus as I prefer the freedom to configure my server how I want it. So I’m afraid I can’t help you there :frowning:

You could always still fire up your own server and use Meteor-up (mup for short) as this configures your server for you and installs everything. That way all you’d need to do is use NGINX to set up your domain.