Some tips to start making apps using Meteor

Hello, everyone!

I’ve been looking for a web framework to make an app. I ended up finding some PHP frameworks, Ruby on Rails, Node.JS, and Meteor. This last one really intrigued me, and I decided to try it.
This said, I just got started with Meteor a few days ago, and I must say that although it seems like a really great framework, I feel lost.

My goal is to make a basic collaborative blog app with React and OAuth authentication (password + Facebook/Twitter/etc.).
I’ve found some boilerplates out there that take advantage these functionalities, but none of them seem to suit my needs.

Are there any good open-source sample apps made with Meteor/React, and best structure / organisation tips for beginners?

This is my first time making a website and I’m really lost with all these new technologies… Thanks in advance for your help!

Check this out for structure and general guidelines:

As for open source apps, I’d hesitate to show you one because it may use really outdated packages and ideas that the entire community has moved on from.

Thanks for your reply, do you know if there are any examples using the most up-to-date packages, so I know what technologies to start with?