Some users don't have access to my website built with Meteor


Hi all,
I’ve created a website with Meteor, but it seems that some random users cannot access the site and just get a “not accessible” error, after waiting for the page loading… it’s something weird since it works perfectly on my computer (Linux/Firefox), on my friend’s laptop too (Mac OS/Chrome)… But I got for example a user with Windows 7/Chrome that just can’t reach the website.

As I don’t really know what kind of limitations Meteor has (other than using a modern browser for websocket support).
I don’t have clues to find a solution… so I am asking for some help if someone knows this behavior, what could be causing it ?

I have this configuration for hosting on DigitalOcean :

  • 1 web server with Nginx serving Meteor app on HTTPS
  • 1 mongo server (linked in private networking to the web server)

Here is the website that is going for Prod soon (in French sorry guys…) :

I would appreciate so much any help or advices.


Okay, it seems that it’s a redirection problem from port 80 to port 443 with NGINX, I still have not found how to fix it, but Meteor is (happily) not the problem ! I posted my problem on StackExchange :