Someone published our packages


Hi everyone,

Someone has created a Meteor developer account with our name (‘ohif’), and published a few of our packages to Atmosphere. Does anyone know how I could take over this account, or contact the user by email that registered the account? Or who I could contact to get some help? Unlike NPM, Meteor Developer accounts do not appear to have any support contact form or email available.

The account in question is

They have published some packages we are developing for a medical imaging viewer. The packages are located here:



there is github profile:


Yep, that’s us. That’s exactly the problem. It wasn’t us that created the MDG account, and so we are not in control of the Atmosphere packages.


Then there is no one except MDG admin who can access the atmospherejs database can view the email address. I can not even see my email address of my account on atmospherejs.


Didn’t do it.

But happy to lend a voice to this and verify identities and ownership. This is important. @swederik is manager of OHIF packages on GitHub and should be owner of the OHIF packages on Atmosphere.


Just wanted to give an update that Meteor’s security team has helped us out and we now have access to the account!


That’s great! Thanks MDG!


Oh, when I was complaining about some squatted accounts there was no help offered. MDG does not have a policy about squatted accounts. :frowning:


@mitar Is this still a problem? Let me know if so, and I’ll see what I can do.