Sometimes I have to DROP the Collection from DB to make it work

Hey yall,

I have a collection that gets a lot of input/output and it works for days and days and days. Some times weeks. But then, I can no longer write or modify that collection until I drop it. My application immediately starts working again, recreating the collection and life is good.

How can I DROP a collection from Meteor, or determine the reason for this happening? Some times my app crashes and restarts, but I’m thinking it corrupts the table some how. There’s just no getting around this issue. I’d rather put in a HEALTH CHECK every hour to stop activity on the Collection, Clear It, and Rebuild it – continue operations.

Any help would be amazing. Right now I’m forced to Studio3T Right Click Drop :frowning:

Can you provide some more information please?
Like how many records in the collection before the problem happens?
Is this a production or development problem?
Are you running out of disk space? Memory?

Are you using mongo-dev-server which is automatic dev localhost:3001?
Although there wans’t a problem for me even in dev mongo something like this.