Sometimes mongo doesnt update my fields


I am using upsert method. I hit update button, then some fields dont be updated. Going back to page where i am updating document, changing inputs, hit update button then fields being updated.

I am thinking to use ‘update callback function’. Any suggestion will be welcomed.


I tried to callback function: if has error console.log error.reason and return false. Didnt worked. Some fields came blank again.


Are you using simple schema? If so, is it correct for the changes you’re trying to make?


Nope, i am not using even subscription/publication. I wrote my app by spaggettiest code you ever seen.

I just wanted to know, is it common problem or just me. After your comment, I think the problem is my code, not mongo or meteor.

I will check my code when my chakras open. Thanks for your interest.


can you post some of your codes so we can check it?


Yep, i can post full of my code.

Some infos:

  • This is polymer meteor project
  • Shitty coded for release
  • Attached screenshot of this page
  • Codes expalined in comment lines


Tested like:

  1. Adding 3 question. Test, Test, Olay. (Success)
  2. Adding 3 question. Klasik, Test, Olay (Fail: Klasik inserted but others empty)

Last words: I’d tried to explain my code. If any help come, i’ll be pleased but as i said, it is drudgery for you.
I just wondered is it common update problem or is it my bad code.

Thanks for your interest, sorry for bad english.


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Copied from my last message:

Followings are not neccessary but i can post them, too.
My update methods: