Sourcemaps problem in 1.3.3

I’m getting a “Failed to parse SourceMap” message in Chrome ever since updating to Meteor 1.3.3. Is this a known problem?


Not sure but I was getting it too. It seems to have disappeared now though and I don’t know what’s changed.

It’s back.

Failed to parse SourceMap: http://localhost:3000/packages/

The first line is:


Yes, I noticed it too after the meteor update to meteor 1.3.3.

On my Chromium 51: the error message show up
On my Chrome 48: the error message doesn’t show up

Same here. Didn’t find where the problem from from :confused:

I’ve got the same problem. :frowning:

Same here :frowning:

getting same error here… :frowning:

This error has been reported in the Meteor issues. Those of you experiencing it might want to try to add detail to that report if you know any specifics not reported that could help in narrowing down the cause or duplicating the issue.

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I had to downgrade to previous version of Chrome (found here: Updating Meteor and packages didn’t resolve it.

I’ve added this to the github issue above as well…

I think it might be this chrome issue,

In hindsight it probably started the other day when I let chrome upgrade to 51 and doesn’t occur in canary.

Installing Chrome beta (52) did the trick for me