Spacebars file extension instead of .html

It’s very sad to manually set the editor to the correct syntax every time I open a .html file with Spacebars code in it.
For VIM, I’m just editing a malformed HTML file.

I’m seeing lot’s of Meteor projects on GitHub, and people always use .html.

I’m thinking about using from now on .spacebars extension for my project files.
How do you guys handle this issue?

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Interesting, I’ve always personally found the HTML highlighting sufficient for Spacebars, so I’ve never even considered installing a different highlighter.

You could perhaps file a PR on Blaze to add another extension in additon to html:

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@sashko, more then a highlight question, it messes with indentation. :confused:

For some reason, the guys that created a syntax plugin for vim, included the extension *.spacebars on file detector, at least for me, would be nice to have this option:

I’ll do the PR


I also find this indentation issue annoying. I am using Visual Studio Code and the auto indentation does work properly with the spacebars.

Maybe there’s a pluging I don’t know of?