SpaceBars README, What I missed in my hurry to get going

Package Readme files vary hugely in quality and brevity! It seems to be the fashion to keep short. Trying to select between Packages on Atmosphere has been turned into rather a crap-shoot because of the hugely inconsistent and oftent just plain MISSING readme files.

A HUGE exception to this is SPACEBARS! Just found this document after wasting hours with other sources of information.

Its mentioned in the Meteor Docs, but I just missed it, and now I realize this document is the REAL SOURCE that I was looking for.

Do you know what you can do with triple brackets {{{ }}}?

Maybe you missed this too?

To be found at:

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FYI - we’re moving this to the docs so that people can actually find it! @tmeasday is working on it soon.


Glad you mentioned this @gkoller. I remember spending a while searching for both triple brackets and a way to escape brackets to output sample code. Good call!

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Great resource, thanks. Per that page, I tried converting some of my code to use it but I’m getting an error.

This was what I was doing previously and that was working:

Template.registerHelper("terms", (languageId) => Term.getList(languageId));
Global template helper to call static method on ES6 class with an argument

{{#each terms learnLanguageId}}
Calling above from Blaze template

I tried to change my spacebars to this:
{{#each Term.getList learnLanguageId}}

But now I’m getting this error in the console:

It doesn’t matter if what I’m trying to do isn’t supported. The global helpers seem redundant but they are all just one line of code to redirect to my API methods. I just thought it should work based on my reading of that Spacebars readme.