SpaceCall - free video calls in the browser

A simple and fast way to make video calls in your browser.
It’s optimised for one-on-one calls and group calls up to four people. I built this with WebRTC, so no downloads or plugins.

Give it a try:

Hello, nice to have another WebRTC webapp.
What is the current percentage for successful NAT traversal?
I am always scared that non-p2p can still generate significant traffic for free apps if you want clients to be able to connect even if NAT traversal fails.

Thanks! It works pretty well, 95%+. But it would probably be different if it would be used more on mobile or in corporate environments.

p2p also limits the amount of people you can have in a group call. If I wanted to get it to a 100% success rate and have larger group calls it would get expensive fast. So that’s why it’s side project for now :slight_smile: