SpaceTalk – Who's up for building an open-source Slack, just like how Telescope is managed!?

Just a thought, would be cool to work together with some people to build an open-source version of Slack that companies can setup within their firewall and gain control of their data.

I’ve already build a working prototype of this: for our next meetup which will be in the form of a workshop and hackathon – and here’s the presentation:

Possible extensions:

  • Notifications
  • Mentions
  • Private groups
  • Direct messages

The idea is to build a rock solid base easily deployable on your own server or on Galaxy and a version which you can install on your mac like this project:

Suggestion for name: Impact

Who’s up for the challenge?


I’d love to be part of that, and add to the extension mobile and electron app of Impact … but a Meteor that Impact… could be a bad name, let’s find something that is less linked to a font :wink:

For the reccord

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What about a synonym of slack:
lull, pause, respite, break, hiatus, breathing space, informal, letup, breather
or antonym:
active, intelligent, lively, quick, smart, strong,alert, discipline, rigid, focus, busy


This is a great idea! I’d love to join and learn along the way, but first I need some time to go through your code :eyes:

And thank you for sharing such a great tutorial! :smiley:
p.s.: For a name I could suggest something like: Gravity, Dive, SpaceTalk.
or: Lux, Lens, Magnifier or maybe even: Crack or Boom :smile:

Or perhaps there’s a slang name for some communication tools that aerospace engineers use, anyone?

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Good idea! But I’d like to see flow-router, flow-layout and a package only structure here :wink:


I’m all for flow-router and flow-layout.

There’s no reactivity in the router here anyways, aka no need for Iron

And yeah, package structure is much better! :slight_smile:

Should we create a new github+atmosphere organization for this?

As for names, I like break the most of @entropy’s suggestion, and one
could say: "Take a Break"
Otherwise for Impact one could say: “It’s all about making Impact”


This is kind of funny :slight_smile: and on a Meteor theme haha



The Lyrids Meteor Shower occurs in April each year, but the term ‘Lyrid’ could good, be shaped to mean anything. Also, the term is pretty clean on Google (ie. only shows up items relating to that meteor shower, easier to work on SEO to get it to top if needed) is available and could be bid for in future it seams.

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I already have a Slack-like project going on and it is hosted here:

It is a blend of HipChat and Slack. It connects to either LDAP or Atlassian Crowd. It has user presence, image upload, mention, private rooms and 1on1 done.

To use it, change the defaultAuth to “ldap” inside config.json, then use one of the usernames on here: Then run it with

Please don’t mind the fact that it is in Chinese now.

I am looking for contributors who can build this with me. Anyone?

Couple of things to do:

  • improve speed and performance
  • migrate away from Polymer UI, a suspect of the sluggishness
  • add voice and video using WebRTC
  • implement i18n internationalization
  • be able to call APIs
  • bug fixes
  • minor feature improvements, like better notifications via popup, email and possibly iOS and Android notifications

I like it! Though it doesn’t say what is does, which would be kind of helpful I guess, but not a requirement off course.

I’ve created a for some of the names I consider would work (there was a max of 10).

Gravity and SpaceTalk seem to be currently leading. I think we can make a ruling within 24hrs :smile:

Sounds fun! I would be up for helping


We discussed the very same idea with @acemtp at FOSDEM, there is definitely some potential here.

As someone who is working on a self-hostable open-source alternative to Trello made with Meteor, I would love to contribute to this project.


I’d suggest checking out, they’ve built a great basis for distributed chat along with a suite of mobile clients and SDKs. A Meteor-based Matrix server could accomplish all your goals and federate to boot.

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I think having a big open source app using Flow Router and Flow Layout would be really awesome, as an alternative to the Iron Router style of app organization.


I thought impact was by far the best of the name choices suggested. Just my 2 cents…

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I would be interested in helping out. I use Slack daily and would love to see a free open source alternative built in Meteor.

I like the name SpaceTalk. “Hey, i’ll hit you up on SpaceTalk”

EDIT: I would also like to see a package-based architecture for it. That way, it’s easier to structure and even write tests for.


I really like the idea, if I can help, I’m in!

As name personally I like “Just” (read as “simply”).

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I’m actually considering switching LibreBoard to Flow Router and Layout but for now I decided to stick with iron-router and blaze-components, mostly because @arunoda stated that these packages are not production-ready. I may with this combo in a separate branch if I have some time.

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