Speaking at a Meteor meetup this evening

I’m giving a talk to a Meteor meetup group this evening. I will be talking about a recent project I have shipped and my general experience using meteor over the last year.

Any community announcements I should make?

Or is there anything I should mention to new-comers to Meteor?



Ha! Me too: "Hey Meteor, what's new?" lightning talk. What's best new feature?

Here are the slides I put together if that’s interesting to you: https://slides.com/michaelcole/deck-1-2-4-4-5/live#/

And also, I think it’s worth noting that there isn’t a great “Getting Started” guide anymore. Discover Meteor has been called out of date. Best to start with the official docs and tutorial (read this in another thread).

Any suggestions?

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Nice! Hope it goes well for you!

I was going to recommend the guide as the definitive getting started guide…even though it’s pretty dense.

Thanks :slight_smile:

There was some discussion here on challenges getting started.