Specific architecture in meteor

Hello friends ,
I used to use laravel before , In Larval, mvc architecture is used.
And I got used to a particular architecture.
But I didn’t find any specific architecture in meteor.
And I’m sure I need a special architecture to build a cms.
I’m actually looking for a particular architecture in the meteor to make a strong cms with it.
please guide me.

Creating meteor react / angular project will scaffold basic application structure.

But if you are used to how Laravel organize things, may you should check out AdonisJs it’s closest thing to Laravel to my knowledge.

tank you for answer , but i want to use mvc or other Specific Architecyure in back end and Front end

You are free to use whatever architecture you like with Meteor.

I do quasi-MVC on the server with meteor methods as Controllers, and using Models for each collection that handle the business logic and relationships between data objects.
The view, being the front end is more MVVC, using blaze

The recommendations from http://meteor-tuts.com/ are solid


Hello to all friends.
And thank you for your answers
And I want everyone to share their experiences.
And if you have a good article and package, announce and share.

My folder structure looks like Laravel and I’m quite happy with it. You can do something similar. http://meteor-tuts.com/ is great!

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Thank you for your response.
Excellent if you explain any of the files.
For example, what exactly did you use in the controllers file?


I think a blog post could be great for the topic. The needs may differ for other projects. Changing and refactoring is always necessary but here is the summary;

contracts: Standart API contracts are here

controllers: All business logic is in controllers

repository: Extends the baseRepository all database events are in here including subscriptions, publications, caching. The repository does not have any dependency on other repository or controller. It only knows the collection.

requests: Requests default objects are set in here

services: eventService, memcacheService etc… in . there

startup/both: collections, collectionHelpers, some must have global functions, logger and tabular files are in here

startup/client: routes, localization, subManager etc…

startup/server: APIs, methods, publication files etc…

ui: Template file

utilities: date, form, ui, network, selector, ssl, validate etc…

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