Specific pages to render server side


I was looking at Flow-Router which provides server side rendering on a separate package than the client side one.
But is there a way in meteor using Flow-router or others to render server side only for specific pages?

I have public pages that I want to render server side and I have pages behind login that I don’t want to render server side.
How can I manage both?

What’s the intent of rendering the public pages server side - SEO? If so have you considered using something like pretender.io? Check the Enabling SEO section of the Guide for more details.

SEO and fast loading pages. Pretender looks interesting, but I will have more than 250 pages…

It’s a great service, and as long as you’re under 20,000 pages $15 is well worth avoiding the headache it helps prevent.

Pretender.io is a better name! :slightly_smiling: