Specify package by pull request

Hi, I’m using a package that’s broken in its current release. A generous contributor fixed the package and submitted a PR, but the project’s maintainer hasn’t merged the update yet.

Is there any way I can specify the PR version of the package to Meteor?

I could merge the changes manually in my .meteor directory, I suppose, but that won’t be an option when I deploy this app to production.

Download and put it in your local packages folder until fixed.

Not 100% sure it always has preference. Maybe fix the version number also to be fully sure it won’t try to use another one or lookup if it ensures it will use your local copy.

The ‘generous contributor’ must have a fork that includes the patch, clone that into your packages directory.

Thanks folks. I ended up getting a syntax error when I cloned the files. Spent a few minutes poking around but couldn’t figure out what it was.

I just ended up removing the package altogether. Unnecessary headache. I’m going to roll my own.