Specifying fields dynamically in find query

Good day,
I would like to observe changes on a nested profile property in the Meteor.users collection
My user profile field contains the following nested field:
viewsettings: {‘projectAid’:{showdata:true, showgraph:true}, ‘projectBid’:{showdata:false, showgraph:false}}

The user can switch between project viewsettings by using the relevant projectid. However, I cannot get the correct field value in the code below when the user interface toggles the nested ‘showdata’ field.

var projectid = Meteor.users.find(Meteor.userId(), {fields:{‘profile.activeproject’:1}}).fetch()[0].profile.activemodel;

   // This does not work: var query = Meteor.users.find(Meteor.userId(),{fields:{'profile.viewsettings.'+projectid+'.showdata'}});
   // I saw on forums that I need to build a selector object, but my attempt below only returns the document _id and not the field...
    var showdata={};
    var query = Meteor.users.find(Meteor.userId(), {fields:{showdata:1}});

        changed: Meteor.myFunction


If I do a console.log on the fetched query I typically get this:
Object { _id: “ZQ97HY9AtqrtJDna3” }
I am looking for something like this:
Object { profile: Object, _id: “ZQ97HY9AtqrtJDna3” }

Any advice will be greatly appreciated as to how I can dynamically retrieve a nested field value.

Does it relate to this?:

Hi Steve,
My problem is to correctly formulate the projection (fields) filter, where a part of the filter comes from a variable.
In the above example the keys ‘game’ and ‘blah’ is known. In my problem the projection filter needs to be able switch from ‘viewsettings.XW34jkebc.showdata’ to ‘viewsettings.U25ghSDSD.showdata’ to ‘viewsettings.P67GHadsasd.showdata’ to etc…

could not it be just typo as
fields: {'something': 1} and you dont write that 1 there ?

First, You could fetch only top-level fields with {fields: <>} - means {fields: {'profile': 1}} is valid but {fields: {'profile.views.counts': 1}} is invalid.
Second, you can not create dynamic observer. But you may observe some chunk of collection (I mean kind of wide filter) and then do any additional checks inside observe -> changed