Specifying launchScreens and icons from cloudfront to reduce server load

I was thinking of not bundling the launchScreens and icons in my app (to reduce my server’s load) and instead pointing to files hosted in S3 via Cloudfront.


	'iphone': 'resources/splash/splash-320x480.png',
	'iphone_2x': 'resources/splash/splash-320x480@2x.png',


	'iphone': 'https://d8723678rhc.cloudfront.net/launchscreen_iphone',
	'iphone_2x': 'https://d8723678rhc.cloudfront.net/launchscreen_iphone_2x',

I’m inclined to think this will not work, since the path specified above is relative? I haven’t checked out the source yet, though, so it might be possible.
Then again, I probably don’t need to do this, since app installs are relatively unrepeated events. Or, the static-content load due to app installs << the static-content load due to accessing various pages in the app! Still, if anyone else wanted to try to do this, or if it is impossible, please share! Thanks.

The app icons and launch screens need to be bundled with your app, so the resources are accessed as local files during build, not over the network.

Do you know why that’s necessary? That’s how i’ve set it up, but it’d be nice if I could serve the images from a cdn

That’s simply the way native apps work: app icons and launch screen are bundled with the app as part of the build process.

I see. we’ll it’s not the end of the world!