Splash Screen not working properly

Hi guys,

So I am now building a companion app to my main meteor app.
But the whole splashscreen things seems to not work properly.

The splashscreen I am providing via mobile-config.js is shown for like 0.5sec, but after that the normal grey Meteor splashscreen is displayed for maybe 3-5 seconds. Then the app works just fine.

Why is that? I want my splashscreen to be shown during the whole startup process.

Thanks, cheers, Patrick

Hey Patrick,

In your mobile-config.js file, you can add a configuration to increase or decrease the duration of the splashscreen.

App.setPreference( 'FadeSplashScreenDuration', 1750 );

Also, I’d make sure all the splashscreens in your xcode project are filled in, not defaulting to the gray Meteor one. That splashscreens file should be in the resources folder of your project.

I’m not sure if there is a better resource for what all the splashscreen config values should be, but I always check this file in the Meteor github repo.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks a bunch, will have a look asap! :smile: