SQL non-reactive


I want to use meteor just like a normal framework and implement SQL. Is this possible ?

Is there any issue doing this ? if not, which package (npm) should i use… or which are the best, because there is a ton of them!


If you’re planning on using an SQL based database with Meteor, your best current choice is to look into using Apollo. Apollo is Meteor’s data layer future, and can be used with SQL databases (by leveraging GraphQL). It’s currently in a technical preview phase and is quite usable, but be prepared to hit a few snags (especially around documentation and some breaking changes as things progress). Take a look at the example apps listed in the docs to get an idea of how things can work with an SQL database. There is also a larger Apollo reference app currently being worked on called GitHunt that will integrate with Postgres, that you might want to take a look at.

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