SSL without hangups?

I’ve tried two SSL packages so far (tarang and nourharidy). At first they seemed to work fine (normal page content over SSL). Then I started setting up some redirects and server-side router paths I start seeing extremely frequent socket hang up errors even on the simplest of pages. Nothing meaningful is logged. I’m patched up to current on Meteor ( I will have to be scientific and set up a simpler project with just SSL and no other packages so I can see if it can work at all. I’m hoping others have seen this and may know possible suspects for fixes/work-arounds.

Put nginx as a proxy in front of Meteor and let nginx handle the SSL stuff.

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Good idea, it seems to work, but has same issue. At least it is sturdy enough not to crash. It seems the meteor is aborting the connection when being asked for “Get /app/app.js”. I must have added something that I’m not seeing.

The socket hangups only happen for me on localhost - my production server runs fine without hangups. I wonder if that means anything?

If anyone’s still interested, I replaced tarang:ssl with nourharidy:ssl and the hangups on localhost stopped happening.