SSR alternative to abandoned flow-router-ssr? (React)


I’m struggling with slow first page load and need to implement SSR for users.

I’m using flow-router-ssr package, but after moving my subscriptions into containers above the components (a better pattern) the SSR no longer works. Given that flow-router-ssr / flow-router have not received updates and appear to be abandoned, are there any SSR packages that you can recommend which will work with flow-router?

I want to avoid switching to react-router because 1.) using JSX for route declaration will force me to move necessary logic into components, where it’s worse, and 2.) I dislike JSX used for router definitions because it’s completely unnecessary. Very happy with flow-router with the exception of no working SSR.

Any suggestions?

Meteor speed wishlist (bundle size improvements)

Apollo has support for SSR. I haven’t looked into it yet myself. If you have a look could you post here what you find out?


The link doesn’t work anymore and the apollo website doesn’t have a search box. :frowning:


Meteor has some new support for SSR. I haven’t yet read up on it but am looking forward to finding out about it. Here are relevant links: