SSR Guides/Examples

I’m starting a new Meteor project and am making use of SSR for the first time with Meteor. I’ve looked through the meteor docs, and while they are helpful, I’m still having a bit of confusion about how to structure the rest of the app other than the entry file. I’m also having trouble finding any help that isn’t from before Meteor introduced server-render.

Are there any in-depth tutorials or sample repositories that are best practice for SSR in Meteor (w/ React) that include the latest versions of Meteor/React?

I know there are a lot of Vue SSR users, and so I think there are even more React SSR users here in the Meteor Community. I’m not sure if there are detailed guides, but there are some boilerplate project starter examples out there within the last couple years.

Here are a couple that might help:

Chris (aka @cloudspider) has some details for his boilerplate here:

I know @cloudspider is helping with Vue SSR docs & improvements currently :+1: So he would be a good person to ask if you have some specific questions.


Thanks! I appreciate the links. I think that’ll be a great start.

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