SSR Rendering & wholepunching?

Hi guys,

I have a general question about SSR in Meteor:

Let’s say I have a shop and want everything to be static (SSR or Caching p.e. thru Ngnix), except the “add-to-shopping-cart”-functionality and “your-last-viewed-products-history”-functionality.

How would you approach this as a pro? is this currently possible in Meteor at all? If yes: with what technology?

Kind regards

I’m not sure if I am a pro :slight_smile:, but the first approach that comes to my mind is to:

  1. Split the app into two apps - the first one (A1) contains pages, which interact with the cart, and the second (A2) - the rest of pages;
  2. Prerender all the pages (i.e., with PhantomJS) for A2 and put into “public” folder of A1 (you can do it before or after the build of A1 - as you like it)
  3. Deploy A1 as usual and set up nginx to serve static .html’s

The purpose of splitting the app is to have two different routers - that will prevent A1 to try to render “static” routes.