Stackoverflow Questions the really need an Answer

this one needs an answer

as it really doesn’t seem to be well documented anywhere… the guide semi mentions some directories here :-

True. The directory structure used to be documented in the official docs. And the guide doesn’t actually formally list out the folders and what they do.

I’d suggest editing your post & changing the title to something more descriptive, like “Missing documentation on special folders.”

The 1.3 Meteor Guide clearly has recommendations for file structure here. which is where you originally said “semi” mentions. It explicitly says what the recommendations are and what they do.

And directly below that;

Example directory layout

To start, let’s look at our Todos example application, which is a great example to follow when structuring your app. Here’s an overview of its directory structure:

I see no mention of private, lib, etc. on that page.

that’s a recommendation of structure and covers some of the magic directories… it doesn’t cover them all. The previous 1.2 docs did, but they killed it for some reason

The guide has been updated to include that information :slight_smile:


I’ve updated my answer on SO to reflect the guide update.

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