Stand-alone angular2 vs angular2-meteor

After a hiatus from meteor for several months, I’m looking to upgrade an old Meteor 1.2/Blaze app to use Angular2. My question is, should I build a:

  1. stand-alone Angular2 app that uses meteor-client-side (or asteroid) as a connector to the meteor server, or

  2. a single angular2-meteor app?

With option 1, I get the benefits of tracking the latest and greatest coming out of angular2 (with angular-cli or angular-seed), tree-shaking, and a pure ng2 app. But with option 2, I get tighter integration with meteor, including the build and deployment stack.

Given the move towards Apollo (and GraphQL), I’m very tempted to just build the stand-alone ng2 app to help reduce the need to “de-bundle” ng2 in next year or so, when Apollo becomes the standard for database connectivity.

I appreciate any thoughts!