Standard-minifier-css error?


Hi guys :slight_smile:

I want to import the less file from ant design.

So i put a *.less file in my project and write : @import '{}/node_modules/antd/dist/antd.less';
(tried with @import '../../../node_modules/antd/dist/antd.less';).

And put @primary-color : #d70b52; to change the color.

Well, it’s a stantard code.

But when I start my app, i have :

=> Errors prevented startup:

   While minifying app stylesheet:
   app/client/configs/style/ant.theme.less.css:34:3: missing '}'

I look at issues on gitub / forums / … but I don’t a clear resolution of this error.
I see a comment from @hwillson on Github.

And when I did meteor remove standard-minifier-css, my app launched and works.
The color has been changed, so it’s perfect.

But, why ?
I need the standard-minifier-css in production, isn’t it ?

So guys, you got a solution for my issue ?
Btw, it is an issue with my code you think ? Or with my configuration ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Meteor : 1.6

EDIT: if I add juliancwirko:postcss I have the same problem…


I have the same problem, are you solved it?


Nope :confused:
With antd 3.0 too ?


Yes, that’s right. I’m use antd 3.0 now.


@mycode You can follow the thread on Github :wink:


The fix will be released in the 1.6.1 release of Meteor :slight_smile:

Antd 3.0 is out