Standard-minifier-js alternatives?

Running my app in production breaks ‘react-overlays’ for me. Commenting out the standard-minifier-js package fixes this issue.

Are there alternatives to this package I can try out (that are compatible with deployment via mup)?

edit: FIXED. I don’t know why the problem only occurred in production, but I discovered I wasn’t cloning react children properly.

Could it be an issue with that package? The minifier in Meteor doesn’t do anything weird.

It’s probably an issue with that package but I was hoping it would be
easier to change out the minifier than to rewrite everything that uses the
react-overlays package. There are alternatives for the css minification so
I thought it was worth a shot.

I removed that package and implemented a pure CSS solution and the problem is still occurring (only in production).

I don’t know why the JS minification package is breaking CSS. Do you have any thoughts on that?

Are you seeing any errors that you can share that will help us troubleshoot?

No error messages. Still investigating. I’m beginning to suspect it’s a quirk popping up using es6 w/ react. It’s likely I did something wrong, but I think it’s weird that the problem only occurs in production mode.