"The Meteor MMO" Goes Open Source


Interesting, I was about to explore the repo but unfortunately the link is broken.

Oops sorry I think I forgot to swap it over to public


DUDE, you should disable your stripe and paypal key really REALLY REALLY fast. Like NOW!!!


@SkyRooms don’t forget to do it “the right way”:

True that, but the damage is done, keys are leaked into the open. They must be disabled at once.

The accounts have been long dead.

But the API keys are still functional. I tried the one from stripe and could easily access all your old transactions, customer data and stuff. I didn’t dig in deep but that is not something you wanna leave lying around.

I have no interest in the data (deleted everything) but someone else might.


Really? That’s stupid on them. I’ve rolled the keys. Double checking…

Ugh I’m really bummed out that Open Source has apparently done… nothing but give me more headaches.

I should just delete the god damn thing.

Sweet app! Nice work!