Starport - new Meteor webapp

Hey everyone,

For a while now, to learn about Meteor, I’ve been tinkering with a little pet project. Kinda kept on building on top of it.

It has some new ways of displaying information about Meteor. So some of you might enjoy it.

Current offer:

For blogposts, etc. Not much different yet from current apps based on Telescope. Has sorting on Article, Podcast, Video. Will soon have some other feautures that make it more distinct.
For tutorials. Sorted by topics. So if someone asks how to do a specific thing you can just point him to a couple tutorials with one link. Is also sorted by format like Library.
Overview of sites build with Meteor. To get some inspiration. :)
For Meteor related libraries. Instead of just meteor packages like atmosphere it allows for more things like frameworks, entire projects, etc. Is also by category

More features will follow.

Would love to hear what you think of it. If it could be something you find useful. If you got any tips to improve on it, etc.

Oh and yeah, it’s still quite lacking on content and there are bugs in it, etc. Just testing the waters if this is something the community would like to see developed further.

Kind regards,