Starter kit with local database?

Are there any Apollo starter kits that come with the local database setup?

Something a bit like Meteor would be amazing.

Hey @jamesmad I’m working on a boilerplate built with meteor and apollo. It’s a work in progress but you might find it helpful:



Thanks. Have you heard of Vulcan JS? I think its quite opinionated which put me off, but I could go with yours if its more flexible.

Hey, I haven’t used vulcan yet I’m afraid, so I can give my opinion on that.

Concerning the boilerplate, there is little magic in it, I’m using meteor for the build tool and accounts system, Apollo for the data layer and React for the view layer. Additionally, it has a service worker installed that I’m trying to use to make the app a fully progressive web app (push notifications, etc). Concerning style, I’m using styled components and storybook to define my own components. Overall, the boilerplate saves you the hassle of installing all the above mentioned libraries by yourself. I’m currently working on improving startup time, so I’m using bundle-visualize and dynamic imports to make the client bundle as small as possible.

The boilerplate is alive here:

Let me know if you have any questions/suggestions. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

This looks interesting, @orcprogramming. Though would you be updating it to use Apollo 2?

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Hey @tab00 , thanks,

yes, moving to Apollo 2 is in the roadmap:

At the moment we are using the meteor-apollo package to handle Apollo setup, but as you mentioned, it’s updated, so we’ll need to figure out how to setup things to handle the new version. I’m currently working on improving service workers and probably try to implement some push notifications. After that, I can try to tackle Apollo 2.

Of course, if you feel like you are up for the challenge, feel free to send a pull request :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any questions/suggestions!

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Hey @tab00

Apollo 2 is now being used in the boilerplate (thanks to