Starter SaaS App in React & Meteor on Github


Based on @jedwards meteor/webpack/react combo: GitHub - jedwards1211/meteor-webpack-react: (DEPRECATED) use jedwards1211/crater instead

The goal of this project is to allow you to prototype your next SaaS app quickly. It’s built as a todo app as an example, but you’ll swap out the todos with your actual app.

…then you’ll keep the user auth, amazon s3 image uploads, plan creation, teams, invites, dashboard and overall structure.

User accounts are designed to be free, but then users can make teams and teams subscribe to a monthly plan. Users can invite other users to their team and team admin users can change permissions of other users on that team.

I’m new to meteor and react, but I think the form validations are decent. I tried copying some of twitter’s inline validation UI so if you want to create an account, see what happens when your email is incorrect or you try to submit an empty form.

I don’t have Stripe integrated yet… I hit a wall on my last attempt… but that’s next on my list.

I’d like to deploy this on galaxy when that is ready to go for developers, but for now if you see that loading undulating circle on the site, I think it’s because of the free meteor server it’s on because it’s hit or miss if I get that circle. Locally it works fine.

Anyways, really appreciate @SkinnyGeek1010 @jedwards @jbbr and many others for their code on github and advice on these forums. Cheers!


This looks incredibly useful. Thanks!